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Penetration Testing - 10 Day Boot Camp
Comprehensive Course Package Includes:
PT100 10 Days of Expert Penetration Testing Instruction $---
PT101 Custom Ethical Hacking and Advanced Ethical Hacking Courseware Books $---
PT102 Custom Ethical Hacking and Advanced Ethical Hacking Lab Books $---
PT103 Shipment of Pre-Study Custom Ethical Hacking Student Textbook $---
PT104 Shipment of Pre-Study Advanced Ethical Hacking Book - Shellcoder's Handbook $---
PT105 CEH Exam Prep Guides $---
PT106 Core Impact SEL $---
PT107 CPT Exam Voucher On-site $---
PT108 CEH Exam Voucher On-site $---
PT109 CEPT Exam Voucher (Practical Included) $---
PT110 Customized Ethical Hacking Toolkit $---
PT111 Customized Advanced Ethical Hacking Toolkit $---
PT112 Registration Fees $---
PT113 Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) $---
PT114 Re-Sit Guarantee $---
  Total Before Discount $---
  Standard Discount $---
  Your Total $---