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iPhone & iOS Forensics - 5 Day Boot Camp
Comprehensive Course Package Includes:
IOST01 iOS/iPhone 5 Day Tuition $-,---
IOSP01 iOS/iPhone Lab Workstation Usage $-,---
IOSE01 iOS/iPhone Pre-Study book $-,---
IOSB01 Pre-shipment of pre-study book $-,---
IOSM01 iOS/iPhone Proprietary Textbook $-,---
IOSS01 iOS/iPhone Proprietary Lab book $-,---
IOSV01 iOS/iPhone Custom Toolkit $-,---
IOSR01 Catered Breakfast, Lunch, snacks and refreshments $-,---
IOSF01 Optional evening Live Case exercises $-,---
  Total Before Discount $-,---
  Standard Discount $-,---
  Your Total $-,---