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A Breach-Prevention Roadmap: Managing Third-Party Security Risks

In a recent Ponemon survey, 56% of respondents reported a third-party breach in 2017. While third-party breach costs averaged $7 million, recent incidents suggest total losses are actually much higher. The famous Target and Home Depot breaches cost the companies a combined $500 million, making it clear mitigating security risks from third-party network access must be a top priority for organizations everywhere.

In this paper, we:

  • Review third-party security benefits and risks
  • Outline three steps for mitigating third-party risks
  • Explore the value of security awareness training as a third-party risk mitigation tool

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Four Steps to Third-Party Security Risk Mitigation

  • Explore the benefits and risks of third-party relationships
  • Discuss recent third-party breach case studies
  • Learn the four-step program for third-party risk mitigation
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