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A+ Boot Camp$4,128$2,064
A+ Flex Basic$2,066$1,033
A+/Network+ Boot Camp$5,511$2,756
A+/Network+ Flex Basic$3,168$1,584
Advanced Ethical Hacking Boot Camp$6,195$3,098
Advanced Ethical Hacking Flex Basic$3,857$1,929
Advanced Reverse Engineering Malware Boot Camp$6,195$3,098
CAP Boot Camp$4,376$2,188
CASP Boot Camp$3,439$1,720
CASP Flex Basic$2,617$1,309
CCNA: Security Boot Camp$2,755$1,378
CCNA: Security Flex Basic$1,790$895
CCNA/CCENT Boot Camp$4,541$2,271
CCNA/CCENT Flex Basic$2,066$1,033
CCNA/CCENT/CCDA/CCNA: Security Boot Camp$5,230$2,615
CCNA/CCENT/CCDA/CCNA: Security Flex Basic$3,714$1,857
CCNP Boot Camp$8,951$4,476
CCSP Boot Camp$4,891$2,446
CCSP Flex Basic$4,891$2,446
CGEIT Boot Camp$5,092$2,546
CIPM Boot Camp$4,407$2,204
CIPP/E Boot Camp$4,407$2,204
CIPP/US and CIPM Boot Camp$6,889$3,445
CIPP/US and CIPT Boot Camp$6,889$3,445
CIPP/US Boot Camp$4,407$2,204
CIPP/US, CIPT and CIPM Boot Camp$10,334$5,167
CIPT Boot Camp$4,407$2,204
CISA Boot Camp$5,506$2,753
CISA Flex Basic$3,995$1,998
CISM Boot Camp$5,506$2,753
CISM Flex Basic$3,995$1,998
CISSP Boot Camp$5,368$2,684
CISSP Flex Basic$3,719$1,860
Computer and Mobile Forensics Boot Camp$7,440$3,720
Computer Forensics Boot Camp$5,786$2,893
Computer Forensics Flex Basic$3,857$1,929
CRISC Boot Camp$4,954$2,477
CRISC Flex Basic$3,995$1,998
CSAP Boot Camp$3,444$1,722
CSIS Top 20 Critical Security Controls Boot Camp$3,444$1,722
CSSLP Boot Camp$4,891$2,446
CySA+ Boot Camp$3,714$1,857
Data Recovery and Computer Forensics Boot Camp$9,368$4,684
Data Recovery Boot Camp$5,511$2,756
Data Recovery Flex Basic$3,444$1,722
DOD RMF Boot Camp$4,128$2,064
Ethical Hacking Boot Camp$5,786$2,893
Ethical Hacking Flex Basic$3,444$1,722
Fundamentals of Information Security$3,721$1,861
GCIH Boot Camp$8,680$4,340
GPEN Boot Camp$8,680$4,340
GSEC Boot Camp$7,578$3,789
Incident Response and Network Forensics Training Boot Camp$5,786$2,893
ISSAP Boot Camp$3,506$1,753
ISSAP Flex Basic$2,478$1,239
ISSEP Boot Camp$3,506$1,753
ISSEP Flex Basic$2,478$1,239
ISSMP Boot Camp$3,506$1,753
ISSMP Flex Basic$2,478$1,239
ITIL Foundation Flex Basic$1,790$895
ITIL Foundations Boot Camp$2,750$1,375
Linux+ Boot Camp$4,403$2,202
Linux+ Flex Basic$2,617$1,309
MCSA Server 2012 Boot Camp$6,751$3,376
MCSA Server 2012 Upgrade Boot Camp$2,755$1,378
MCSA Server 2016 Boot Camp$6,751$3,376
MCSA Server 2016 Upgrade Boot Camp$2,755$1,378
MCSE Infrastructure or Productivity$9,640$4,820
Mobile & Web App Pen Testing$5,786$2,893
Mobile & Web App Pen Testing Flex Basic$3,444$1,722
Mobile Forensics Boot Camp$2,066$1,033
Mobile Forensics Flex Basic$1,361$681
Network+ Boot Camp$3,439$1,720
Network+ Flex Basic$2,066$1,033
NIST CSF Boot Camp$4,133$2,067
OWASP Top 10 Boot Camp$2,066$1,033
OWASP Top 10 Flex Basic$1,790$895
Penetration Testing 10-Day Boot Camp$9,640$4,820
PMP Boot Camp$3,852$1,926
PMP Flex Basic$2,479$1,240
Reverse Engineering Android Boot Camp$6,062$3,031
Reverse Engineering Boot Camp$5,786$2,893
Reverse Engineering Flex Basic$3,995$1,998
RHCE Boot Camp$3,995$1,998
RHCSA Boot Camp$3,719$1,860
SCADA Security Boot Camp$6,195$3,098
SCADA Security Flex Basic$4,822$2,411
Secure Coding .NET Boot Camp$2,617$1,309
Secure Coding .NET Flex Basic$1,377$689
Secure Coding for Android Boot Camp$1,790$895
Secure Coding for C/C++ Boot Camp$1,790$895
Secure Coding for iOS Boot Camp $1,790$895
Secure Coding for Java Boot Camp$2,755$1,378
Secure Coding for PHP Boot Camp$2,755$1,378
Security+ Boot Camp$3,714$1,857
Security+ Flex Basic$2,755$1,378
VMware Dual Cert Boot Camp$7,159$3,580

Please note: The tuition reduction is effective for enrollment in future terms and will not be applied retroactively.

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